Camping 101 : Choosing your tent

The typical camping shelter protects you from the elements and insects and creates cozy privacy. A huge variety of price ranges and sizes, from ultra-portable, high-performance shelters for backcountry camping right up to roomy models that fits easily in a car. Don’t underestimate the size of the tent you will need; a tent that is large enough on paper for 3 adults might be smaller in real life, especially in a rainy day.

Majority of tents available nowadays are freestanding models. The tents are generally easy to set up and does not require staking, although stakes and guy lines (also known as cords) are usually given, and utilizing them is a great idea in stormy or windy weather. Modern tents mainly consist of a light fabric material with meshed windows and held aloft by flexible poles, lightweight, and come with a rain fly cover that is waterproof. The fly can be fully or partly removed in clear and mild weather so you can experience the view and the breeze.

“Never underestimate the space you’ll need; a tent that is large enough on paper for 3 adults might be smaller in real life…”

Certain tents come with a footprint—a ground cloth that goes between the ground and the floor of the tent. In most cases, this footprint has to be bought separately. A footprint can is useful to extend the life of your tent through protection of its floor from abrasion. It is designed to be a bit smaller than the floor, and helps to prevent rain from flowing under the tent and stagnant there. It is an option; some people finds very useful, others don’t.

If you just bought a new tent, and especially if it is your first experience using one, try to set it up at home at least one time as a dry run. You never know that it may even lead to a backyard campout to experience what you will need for a wonderful rest in camp.

Always look and select a flat terrain when choosing your tent site with consideration where rainfall is less likely to flow and accumulate. Private and public campsites usually will ensure their tent sites are placed appropriately. Take some effort to make sure or clear the ground from rocks and other obstructions before pitching your tent. This little effort will allow your life in the tent more comfortable and enjoyable when you have a smooth floor.


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