Camping 101 : Get started

Fresh atmosphere scented with pine needles, late evenings with campfire, and a wonderful night sky fill with twinkling stars: for a significant population of Americans, camping is the best getaway. More than 26,000,000 Americans explored some kind of camping each year. Some love it adventurous and active, others restful and lazy, but all concludes that it refreshes the body and spirit. Once, in 1891, George Washington Sears wrote using the pen name Nessmuk, “We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.”

A camping adventure need to be considered as a project, and it needs some preparation and equipment to be enjoyable. Interestingly, it does not required to be overly complex or expensive, and if you’ve got the right gear and experience, you will be set for future camping adventures of memorable experiences.

We can treat camping to be in two categories: backpacking and car camping (often known as family camping). As we only covering Camping 101, we will share on car camping; making up camp at a places to which you can reach with cars. Local parks and state or wildlife agencies regularly maintain campgrounds. Privately owned campgrounds are available too with national franchise chains like Jellystone Park and KOA to local mom-and-pop setups. Such campgrounds gives the outdoor experience with comforts like home, and these are great sites for your 1st camping adventure.

The core of camping is creating a temporary home in the outdoors. Usually, the first need is a home which will be a tent, so we will start there.

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