Camping 101 : Sleeping bags and pads

Sleeping bags and pads


You would definitely want a three-season sleeping bag that’s suitable for use anytime except winter. Like tents, many options and models are available, from basic to high-tech. When selecting sleeping bags, take into considerations of chilly nights outdoor and choose the comfort ratings based on temperature. Always take an effort to find out about the usual overnight temperatures at your selected campsite.

Another item to give you comfortable nights is a sleeping pad. It provides cushioning and insulation on a hard uneven cold floor allowing you to enjoy your camping as it has the ability to insulate you from a cold hard ground while keeping you warm.

Below are some suggestions on selecting your sleeping pad.

Variety of sleeping pads:Know that the three typical types of pads; self-inflating, air and closed-cell foam.

Intended usage: Are you going on a car camping or backpacking or winter camping? Identify the function of your pad under these weather conditions.

Features: Know and select what most important to you in categories of weight, size, cushioning, insulation.

Your life at camp is much more comfortable and enjoyable if you are sleeping well night, so it is recommended to buy a sleeping pad.

Options of Sleeping Pads

Air Pads

These are ideals for backpacking as they are much lighter nowadays. Usually air pads comes with reflective materials or insulation to increase warmth. Inflation is required using your breath unless you have the luxury of an air pump as some models comes with a bag with a lightweight hand pump. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is sold separately.


Plus points of air pads are superbly comfy and light. Occupies small space and they are compact when packed. A wide selection available to cater for weather conditions from warm to ice cold, typically covers all the four seasons.

Setbacks of air pads are pricier if the selection is with smallest size and weight. Easily ruptured and punctured especially when you are camping with your dog. Fortunately, repairing is possible onsite. Do avoid those air pads that makes loud crinkly sound especially with body movement.


Self-inflating pads.

These are ideal for backpacking as they are easily folded in a ‘Z’ formation or rolled up.

Plus points of these pads are inexpensive, lightweight, durable and provides good insulation. No concerns of leaks or punctures as they are made of dense foam filled with minute closed air cells.

Setbacks are less comfort and relatively firm and stiff, thus more likely to be bulky.

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