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The kitchen for camping

Roasting marshmallows with campfires are fun but having a camp stove is a much better choice for cooking any other things. The need to have a flame you can adjust and control from a stable cooktop will make your life much easier to create a meal you like. Majority of these cooktop runs on propane and it is simple to operate.

Electronic ignition on stove is a convenient to have compared to one having the need to light up with a match or lighter. The former is more expensive in order to provide the comfort similar to your stove at home. Single-burner models or two-burner type are available and the two-burner model doesn’t cost a lot. Choose for a stove that gives you versatility, such as one boiling coffee and another stove for cooking pasta or even eggs, etc. Today’s variety in the stores, you can get a two-burner propane stove in a size comparable to a single burner stove as the it can be folded up to save space. Having a tiny backpacking stove is not a necessarily must and the two-burner stove can neatly folded up to pack up easily with your gears.

Cookware for camping should be utilitarian and simple. Most of your needs can be easily met with a simple sauce pan, a frying pan, serving spoon, a knife for chopping and cheap cutting board. These simple cookware will keep any ‘chef’ on campgrounds happy to whip up delicious simple meals.

Disposable paper bowls and plates can be considered but usually with a environment friendly conscious mind, having a dinnerware that is washable and reusable would be a smarter choice. Inexpensive, simple plastic bowls, plates and cups are easily bought in most department stores and supermarkets. These dinnerware will do just fine outdoor and all you need is to grab some forks, knives and spoons from your kitchen drawer at home to complete your dinnerware.

Running water is usually available at most campgrounds for your convenience to wash up after meals; so bring along sponge and biodegradable dish soap in a small plastic bottle. Aluminum foils has many useful functions as an accessory during cooking, having them is something to consider. Paper towels comes in handy at home as well as at campgrounds.

Plan your meals as having some ideas of what you want to cook during your camping duration will definitely makes your adventure much more fun. This will help you to plan what to pack along such as the necessary ingredients, cookware and utensils. Keep your meals simple, unless you have intention to create gourmet meals under the stars. Having foods that just “add-boiling-water” will keep your meals simple to prepare and such foods like soup mix, instant oatmeal or pre-package dinners for camping comes in handy just in case you screw up dinner.

Snacks are part of the food to consider as having chips, granola bars and perhaps cookies will bring smiles during camping. Kids will definitely find these to have in between meals.

If you are on a car camping trip, bring along a big cooler or perhaps two coolers for drinks and food would be nice. Coolers that are sturdy can be used as stool to sit on, especially having a cool drink is easily reachable. Another handy item to bring along are resealable storage bags as they are simple to use to keep food organized in the cooler.

A cooler is great to keep animals away, especially raccoons and bears as these animals knows food is abundance on campgrounds especially nighttime when you are mostly likely to expect these hungry critters to come. Both campers and animals are safer when our food is kept safe and isn’t available to wildlife. Clean your cookware and dishes immediately after meals, keep your food in your vehicle in a closed cooler, ensure trash is properly disposed and avoid bringing any type of food into your tent.

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