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Camping Furnitures: Nice to have but a pain to bring along

There is a wide variety of nifty camp stools and chairs that you give you comfort during camping. Most campers like to sit and gather around a campfire but many would rather sit on a stool or chair instead on the ground.

These nifty stools or chars can be pack up like a the size of a loaf of bread. Those who are on a car camping might say size is not an issue but you might want to rethink again as your car trunk can quickly filled up with other camping gears. It’s a good idea to save space by having these nifty furnitures as some camping chairs comes along with a built-in cup holder to give you the comfort and convenience during camping.

Many private and public designated campgrounds usually comes with a picnic table but having a folding card table is very useful to expand the surface area for your stuff. Some campgrounds are only provides a fire ring and primitive place for tents, having this folding card table is a must.

Having a tarp is a good idea as it provides a convenient roof over your camp table, shielding you from sun and perhaps, rain.

Do not forget about lighting, a campfire might provides a wonderful glow, but you will definitely need light inside your tents. Finding your way to the toilet or even to your cooler, lighting from a lantern or flashlight will be beneficial. Of course, do remember to bring along extra batteries to keep these devices running for long hours. Kids too might find having headlamps fun and it’s handy to bring along to camping.

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