Camping101 : Getting Ready

Experience setback will get you ready for the next trip


You can never know what will happen during your camping trip. Getting the basic essentials right might help you to do simple improvised repairs. Get these stuff with you on your trip and you will be likely be ready for anything.

Lighter: There are time matches are good as lighters do break but an inexpensive Bic lighter pick up at any gas station will be an excellent tool for emergencies such as fire for warmth.

Cordelette: This isn’t any normal string as it’s a nylon line that is known for it’s strength. You can get them in lengths in better hardware stores or a good climb shop. ┬áIt’s usage can in splinting a broken tent or making an emergency tent stake tied around a broken pole end. Cordelette has a wide variety of usages as long as your MacGyver in you allows to flow, you might use it from guying out a tarp for shelter to hanging a lantern in higher spot for a convenient bath at night.

Headlamp: If you forgotten to pack it in your gear, you might find it an urgency to need it during night time. Remember to check the batteries and you should get some extra batteries for just in case scenarios.

Benadryl: A wide usage, from spider bites to bee stings and perhaps for your tent mate who snores (let yourself knocked out), it’s an antihistamine to pack along.

Nonstick gauze wrapped around pill bottle: This pill bottle is available in any drug store for you to stuff some self sealed antiseptic wipes, bandages and sterile pads. The length of the nonstick gauze should be sufficient to wrap around an ankle. Use a few rubber bands around the pill bottle to keep the gauze in place.

Duct tape: Never leave home without it. It’s useful to mend holes in jackets and tents and even blisters on your aching feet that aren’t happy with your new pair of boots.

Ziplocs in three gallon size: Transform them into improvised water bottle, a dry bag, a cold compress or even as food storage satchel for leftover food. It weighs almost nothing and very compact to pack along.

Multitool: Knife, saw,etc. – a tool that gives you many options of usages such as slicing though cordelette to cutting and sawing wood.

Compass: Just in case your batteries decides to die prematurely, a GPS or mobile will not work but a compass definitely will. Make sure you learn to know how to use them.

Emergency blanket: It’s like a huge foil wrapper that comes in a size of a sandwich bag and weighs much less than a sandwich. It can save your life as it bounce back a huge amount of heat during extremely cold weather. It can add 10 to 15 degrees when spread over sleeping bags inside a tent.

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