Camping101 : Safety and Comfort

Safety and Comfort During Camping

Great outdoors experience comes with safety in mind. Take note of these simple advise to make your trip a safe one.

1. Do a research the place you intend to set up camp.
No matter where you pitch your tent, even in places like campgrounds, state or national parks, find out where is the nearest towns with hospitals and food. During emergency cases, you will know where to head to which could be a life and death situation. Upon reaching your designated place for camping, check in to a local ranger station in order for them to record your intended staying location and the number of people in your party.

2. Preparation and food planning.
It is important to do this planning especially you plan to stay for a long period of time. Packing healthy foods in waterproof and sealed containers will keep fresh food fresh and of course, keeping animals away. If you have any raw food, ice in a cooler will help to keep it fresh longer.

3. Sufficient bottled water for the duration of the trip.
Just in case you are not able to access to safe running water where you will be staying, bottled water will keep you hydrated and safe. Extra water will be great in case you need water for cooking or cleaning.

4. Keep a safe distance from any wild animals.
Remember not to feed them. They maybe cute little critters but you will never know what disease they might carry or even worse, their larger counterparts might be around near you. If you intend to go home with great pictures of local wildlife, use telephoto lens and approaching them at close range might not be safe.

5. First aid and survival kit.
Essentials like icepacks, bandages, GPS, flashlights, maps, extra batteries and clothing comes in handy during times of need. Nothing worse than going unprepared during emergencies. Other camping hazards like poison ivy, sums and oak can make your experience painful. Pack some medicated cream or calamine lotion can spare you a lot of discomfort if you are unlucky enough to experience these hazards. Sunscreen is a must if you have lots of outdoor activities.

Insects are natural in the outdoor world and they can be a pest but manageable if you are well prepared. Having an effective insect repellent which you can apply frequently will keep insects like sandflies or mosquitoes away. These bugs will stay away if you have citronella candles and mosquito coils around you camp site.

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