Camping101 : What to wear and Hygiene

Clothes and Hygiene

Clothes such as shorts, cargo, sweatshirt, jeans, T-shirts, etc. –  are normally sufficient for camping unless you are gear up for an ambitious hike or activities that are strenuous, it is much better to have a specific outdoor garb with vents, quick-dry synthetic fabric and UV protection.

Always change in clean clothes for sleepware during night time and keep your dirty clothes to avoid attracting animals. A pair of good hiking shoes will be nice for long treks but if you intend to hang around camp, sneaker will do just fine. Swimwear is definitely a must if there is access to a place to take a dip unless you intend to do skinny dipping.

Shower and bathrooms are common on campgrounds and will be refreshing during your days spent in the wilderness.  Have a jacket to keep rain off your skin but it will be uncomfortable to wear during warm weather. It is important to wear breathable layers when you dress to camp. During hot weather, even with the most breathable waterproof jackets, moisture will built up inside resulting a wet and hot feeling. Making matters worse, if the weather cools down fast, it’s going to make you really cold fast.

When choosing your layers to wear, give some thought about how each one will move heat and moisture away from your body. Base layer that touches your skiing, cotton is not the best choice unless the weather is really a hot one. Moisture is easily trapped in cotton and can make you feeling really cold when temperature falls. Look for synthetic base layers or wool or a mixture of both will be the ideal choice.

With the base layer decided, next will be choosing a good insulating top to allow you feel comfortable especially in a weather with vast changing temperature. Choosing to have a weatherproof outer layer on standby is a good idea and it will keep you dry when rain decides to visit.

Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc will be an essential to keep you clean and hygiene. Do look for environmental friendly products if you intend to use it outdoors in streams, lakes or natural pools. Do a research on local regulations about relieving yourself or bathing near these natural features.

Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving gear (if you really need it) to keep you nice and orally cleaned.


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